Construction & Materials

Rootes Under Body Grader Blade -specific purpose maintenance criteria means that works can be carried out cost effectively in a minimized time frame. Treloar Transport is a progressive company which has recently acquired specialized equipment which includes Tasmania's first truck under body grade blade configuration, with cost effective combination applications including:

Specialized Services

Unsealed Road Grading
Watering & Rollering Shoulder
Grading Watering & Sweeping
Shoulder Graveling
Grading Sweeping
Winter Snow & Ice Clearing

Cross-Conveyor System - Treloar Transport has a dedicated team of road maintenance personnel with innovative equipment for specific tasks. For example, the company

provides a full road maintenance service to Kentish

Council including resheeting, grading, rolling and gravel supply. This is undertaken annually over a 4-6 month period.

Cross-Conveyor close up - this process is extremely effective in road maintenance projects. This system is accurate, minimizes material waste, is time and labour efficient, with less material handling and safety benefits resulting in an overall cost saving.

Shoulder Grading - Grader & Broom, just some of Treloar Transport's equipment specifically for road maintenance projects.

Unsealed Road Grading & Watering - Treloar Transport's road maintenance also includes grading and watering of unsealed roads. The company provides shoulder maintenance to Works Infrastructure including material placement with cross conveyor, grading and rolling. Treloar Transport the Tasmanian road maintenance and construction experts.