Treloar Transport Quarry Sites

Mobile Crushing and Screening

We have recently introduced a Self Propelled Mobile Crusher which enables us to diversify and stream line our crushing screening services internal and for public hire. Quotations can be provided for mobile crushing without obligation.

The core of Treloar Transport's business is the quarry operations. The main quarry is at Shakley Hill situated west of Sheffield, with lesser pits at Punches Terror, Cockatoo, Gowrie Park, Leigh River and Moina. All operations produce road base type products from silica and chert rock

Products include sub-base, base course, shoulder material, drain rock and pipe bedding. Treloar Transport currently produce 100,000 tonnes of product per annum, with customers including Treloar Transport projects, Councils, civil and landscaping contractors, the forestry industry and private sales.

The possession of a transportable Read RD40 Screening Plant allows Treloar Transport to screen difficult material in harsh applications. This screening plant is available for contract screening. The company can also operate client's quarries on a contract basis, for example; The Tasmanian Advanced Minerals silica mine at Corrina with whom Treloar Transport has had a business relationship for ten years. Treloar Transport provides contract services such as truck hire and screening facilities for this processor of high grade silica flour who exports to Japan.

Treloar Transport's quarries are compliant with the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources' G6 Specification for Quarried Materials. The NATA-registered ADG Laboratories perform a source rock assessment every 6 months and products are systematically checked for compliance with the relevant specifications.