As a quality assured company Treloar Transport believes in good practice when it comes to environmental projects.

World Heritage Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park

Cradle Mountain Sewerage Scheme

Treloar Transport has recently completed a $5 million project installing a new sewerage scheme in the environmentally sensitive Cradle Mountain World Heritage National Park. The Company won the tender for this project based on their expertise and many years of extensive knowledge and experience with sensitive environmental works projects. This project has enormous benefits for the tourism industry allowing for future sustainable tourism development in this iconic World Heritage region.

Winner of Civil Construction Federation 2009 Earth Awards - Treloar Transport is proud to be the Tasmanian winner of the Civil Construction Federation Earth Awards 2009 for innovation and excellence in civil construction (Projects from $1million to $5 million). Category 2 for the Cradle Valley Centralised Sewerage Treatment Reticulation System

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Environmental Works :

Specific Environmental Works which have been undertaken include riverbank erosion control and rehabilitation (in particular for Mount Roland River care Catchment Inc.),damspillway reconstruction, landslip re-establishment (for example, Lorrinna Road landslip reinstatement for Kentish Council) and vegetation clean up, other works include silt pond cleaning for agricultural industries such as Webster Fresh and Simplot.

Landfill & Recycling Site Treloar Transport owns and operates a licensed landfill located within the Municipality of Devonport. This site also doubles as a materials depot forthe civil works team and a sales outlet for customers. It is one of the four licensed landfill sites on the North West Coast in which general inert landfill is recycled and re-used throughout the construction industry.

Landslip Control This unique technique creates an ideal support, reducing landslides and erosion for those areas prone to movement particularly in high rain fall mountainareas. These wire crates are filled with blue metal, providing support and the perfect drainage material.