Treloar Transport Projects

Treloar Transport is registered as a qualified tenderer for the DIER to Category 3. Tasmanian civil construction works, this represent a high proportion of Treloar Transport's business with projects ranging in size from $2,000 to above $5 million.

Civil contracting projects require project management and quality control for specialized procedures includingsurveying, excavation, eg drainage stormwater and sewerage installation, trenching for power telecommunication services, pavement construction, concreting and landscaping supported by products from Treloar Transport's own quarries.

Civil Construction Works

Surveying & Excavation
Stormwater Drainage
Roadworks & Pavements
Sewerage Installation
Trenching, Culverts, Bridges
Housing & Commercial Subdivisions

Award Winning Civil Construction in Tasmania, Deloraine West Sewerage Pump Station and Rising Mainproject was constructed by Treloar Transport, a registered and qualified

tenderer for the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources with projects up to $3million in value.

Road Construction Experts Treloar Transport has considerable expertise in road construction having acted as principal contractor and subcontractor for a variety of road construction projects. Projects include subdivisions, access roads, link roads, highway and main road upgrades. Examples are the diversion and reconstruction of Huntsman and Bessels Roads on the Meander Dam Project and the upgrade of Ridgley Main Road.

Civil Contacting in Tasmania

Our projects included major site works for the Burnie General Hospital access and carpark construction. The Sumitomo Silica Plant at Wynyard and the TT Line marshalling yards new construction. Another area of expertise in civil contracting is dam construction. Treloar Transport has experience in farm, forestry and mining tailings, dam construction and reinstatement in North West Tasmania.